The Program of Tallinn Tango Weekend 2023

Friday, July 14

20:00-01:00 Welcome milonga DJ Marina Rusakova (EST)

Saturday, July 15

11:30-13:00 Milonga lesson*¹ with Carlos and Brigita Rodriguez (ARG/LTU)

13:30-18:00 Daytime milonga DJ Emma Murros (FIN)

20:00-02:00 Saturday milonga DJ Gianpio Cappucci (ITA) 

with the performance of Carlos and Brigita Rodriguez (ARG/LTU)

Sunday, July 16

11:30-13:00 Tango lesson*² with Carlos and Brigita Rodriguez (ARG/LTU)

13:30-18:00 Daytime milonga DJ Anthony Cronin (IRL)

20:00-01:00 Farewell milonga DJ Alisa Zurmutai (LVA)

Monday, July 17 (outside from Tallinn)

11:30-17:30  Blissful day in Estonian nature*³ 

19:00-23:00 After-milonga in Taju DJ (TBA)


*¹ Milonga lesson theme: Dynamics and speed for rhythmic tangos or milongas. Control of axis and grounding in the couple. Secrets from old milongueros of Buenos Aires.

*² Tango lesson theme: Structures and dynamics of internal sacadas of follower and leader. Elasticity of embrace and technique.

*³ At the blissful day in Estonian nature: we will travel with the organized bus to 4-5 special magical places in North Estonian nature, have a lunch picnic with Estonian specialities and arrive to the after-milonga location to have dinner (not included in the price, will be possible to pre-book) and dress up for the milonga. For a rainy weather we have a plan B with the inner locations (manors etc) in North Estonia to explore and spend the cosy day together.