gianpio Cappucci

Gianpio Cappucci, Italian living in Cracow (Poland) moved his first tango steps in Buenos Aires in 2009 where he lived for 7 years. He took part in the DNI Tango School during 5 years as a teacher and dancer in the company.

In 2016 he moved to Poland where he is running his own tango school “Volver”

Pure milonguero style, he proposes in his classes how to feel more comfortable dancing in milongas being creative and musical.

Gianpio Cappucci


Maria danced ballet and tap dancing in her childhood, but was always attracted to couple dances. She took her first Argentine tango classes already in 1997, and immediately fell in love with this complex and interactive dance. She started Finnish social dancing in 1998 and Lindy hop in 2000. She is still a keen lindy hop dancer, although tango takes up most of her time nowadays. In 2001 she spent a year in Paris studying with many of the greatest tango names of the period. Her first trip to Buenos Aires was in 2003, and since then has spent there several months.

Maria graduated in the Summer of 2017 from the University of applied sciences in Oulu, being the first social dance teacher in Finland majoring in Argentine tango. Here you can find Maria’s thoughts on teaching and dancing, and here a short text about their current activities, written in Finnish.

Pasi and Maria are talented, warm-hearted, and hard-working choreographers, dancers, teachers, and DJs. They have been dancing Argentine tango since 2000 and teaching together since 2005. In their teaching they use their experience of Alexander technique for movement analysis, and draw inspiration from their most influential teacher Gustavo Naveira.

In Autumn 2017 Pasi and Maria and Carina and Arttu opened a new dance studio in the heart of Tampere, La Fábrica del Tango. The studio is the new center of Argentine tango in co-operation with Tango aMoroso.

Maria Elisabet Lauren


Pasi Lauren


Pasi’s background is in martial arts, and in social dancing. He quit his professional judo career after representing Finland in the Atlanta olympics in 1996. In addition to judo he has practiced other martial arts like aikido, karate, tai-chi, boxing, etc. for 15 years. He started dancing in 1990 with Finnish social dancing and has been hooked since. Pasi started tango in 2000, and that immediately became his Great Love.

Since 2004 Pasi has spent long periods in Buenos Aires, in the beginning studying mostly with the great Gustavo Naveira. Other influential teachers are the already passed great philosopher and milonguero Carlos Gavito, salon style masters Julio Balmaceda and Corina De La Rosa, tango nuevo icon Chicho Frumboli, and the exceptionally innovative late El Pulpo Esbrez and Luiza Paes. He has also greatly benefitted from classes with maestras like Eugenia Parilla, Lucia Macer and Moira Castellano. Recently Pasi has worked on classical tango salon with old maestros, mainly Carlitos Perez.

From the early stages, Pasi and Maria have looked to other disciplines to support their teaching and dancing. Especially Alexander technique, taiji and mindfulness have been very beneficial for them and their students. They can also teach all the styles of Finnish social dancing and their new passion is the Argentine folklore.


The magic of Argentine Tango brought Jessica and Somer together in 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia where they are currently based and teaching regularly.

They have been invited to perform around the world and provide classes and intensive learning opportunities for dancers at all levels.

Jessica Štšerbakova


Somer Sürgit


Words like elegant, effortless and spontaneous are often used to describe their style. Somer and Jessica believe strongly in beauty of connection and art of improvisation.

At the Tallinn Tango Weekend 2024 they will be the guest performers at the Friday milonga.