El Muro Tango and Omar Mollo

El Muro Tango members:

Karl Espegard – violin

Juan Pablo De Lucca – piano

Kaspar Uljas – bandoneón

Benjamin Groisman – double bass

El Muro Tango


Argentine-Norwegian tango quartet that in record time has taken the international tango world by storm. With their energetic stage performance and unique expression, El Muro Tango has thrilled tango dancers and music lovers throughout Europe and South America.

Since the band’s debut in 2016, they have toured the world and played to full houses at prestigious festivals and concert halls such as the Oslo Chamber Music Festival, Innsbruck Tango Festival, The Royal Concertgebouw and Usina del Arte. The band performed in the live broadcasted finale of Norway´s Got Talent 2018 with the dance couple Cyrena Drusine & Steinar Refsdal. They work regularly with Argentina’s foremost tango singers such as Juan Villarreal, Chino Laborde, and Negro Falótico.

El Muro Tango released its debut album «Nostálgico» on Galileo Music (DE) in November 2018 to great reviews in the international press. Their music consists of traditional Argentine tango with a fresh and modern harmonic language, incorporating elements of jazz and South American rhythms.

Omar Mollo


Omar Mollo is a versatile artist, with a vast and prolific career in Argentina and the rest of the world.

Guitarist, singer, songwriter, and possessor of a huge charisma, has been the voice of Argentine tango for more than a decade now. He resides in the Netherlands, a base site, and his career and agenda are divided between Europe and Argentina. With a record work every year, add and harvest awards, nominations, and awards. Omar offers a repertoire of classical tangos, including folklore, Latin American music, and pop. It is presented with several formations, from duo to Typical Orchestra.

Omar Mollo has recently been awarded the “Premio Gardel a la Música Nacional” (Argentina) in the “Mejor Artista de Tango Masculino” category and Nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards with his last album “TANGO COSMOPOLITA ”

He has five National Awards in his discography. Two "Grammy Latyn Award" nominations. Two awards for two consecutive decades “Mejor Artista de la Década”, for two consecutive decades. He has also made collaborations with various established artists.



DJ Marina Rusakova


"I am originally from Estonia, and have been regularly DJ-ing in since 2016, and played at various milongas and events around Europe: Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Italy, Portugal. I am in love with traditional tango music and create the atmosphere of trust and inspiration for dancers, giving them diversity and energy."

DJ Ben Vincent

DJ Ben Vincent


"I am very excited to be DJing again at this beautiful festival and on such a special edition. Sunday afternoon is my favourite time to dance at a festival and so I look forward very much to playing a charming collection of sweet and energising tangos for your tired feet and happy souls."

DJ Karolina Tkaczuk


“I fell in love first with tango as a dance, and shortly after the curiosity and the passion for the music surfaced. I am fascinated with traditional music, especially from the 30s and 40s. The task of a DJ is to create a unique mood and comfort for the dancers over and over again with each tanda throughout the night. Each dance should be a new journey for the dancers, “el viaje que dura sólo tres minutos” (a trip that lasts only three minutes). Before she plays a tanda she always asks herself, “Would I really want to dance it now, myself?””

DJ Somer Sürgit


DJ Alessandro Grillo


"I started DJing in Tango events 10 years ago in Buenos Aires by studying the main orchestras, and tango DJing paradigms. Then continued playing music in several tango festivals, marathons and milongas in Buenos Aires, in Italy and in Europe. I consider myself a very traditional Tango DJ, I build the tandas through selections of tangos of Golden Age and Guardia Vieja mainly, but above all I aim to build and follow the tango dancers sentiment and mood."

DJ Alisa Zurmutai

DJ Alisa Zurmutai


“I am so very happy and excited to be a part of the Festival' anniversary edition's DJ team! Pretty sure the whole event is going to be awesome. From my side, I will do my best to bring you the most positive Golden Age music and perhaps some extra non-GA sparks to make your last night at the festival filled with heartwarming memories and make you wish to come back again.”

DJ Asya Chernolutskaia


"Hello, dear friends! My name is Asya Chernolutskaia, and I adore playing music at the milongas! You know this feeling - you come to a milonga and you want to dance every tanda, every song. You really can't keep still. A milonga also has its own mood, its breath, development and dramatic composition.Everything depends on the venue and the people - the dancers, creating the mood along with you. That's what an ideal milonga looks like for me, personally. And this is exactly what I try to achieve each time I DJ."